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You have two different styles of characters. Both look good, so which one should you go with? Don't leave it up to luck, get the data to support your decision!

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Image of characters
Image of a paintbrush


“Like GTA but in a wild west setting!” .. you have an idea for the greatest game ever, but would anybody else play it? Write a short description, add a concept image, and get to know if you are onto something big!

Image of a paintbrush


So you've already coded something that works on your machine? Make a short clip and ask players what they think, before you release something.

Image of a game controller


500 users
€ 49,90 Less than € 0,10 per user

When you need to choose direction early on in your development process 500 users may be all that you need.

2 000 users
€ 159,90 Less than € 0,08 per user

Don't leave it to chance! When you want more certainty to your results, test with a larger group of users.

Over 2 000 users

When you need something else than the standard packages, contact us and we will help you find the right solution.

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